People Are Mad At Megan For Violating ‘Girl Code’ On Last Night’s Love Island

You just don't do what she did, apparently.

Where exactly does girl code start and end? According the the Urban Dictionary, there are a whopping 31 rules in the Girl Code, ranging from outfit stealing to dating your friends brother.

For a lot of women, general girl code applies along the lines of not stealing your friend’s boyfriend (or a guy she’s really into).

Girl code is something on everyone’s lips right now as last night’s episode of Love Island saw Megan making a play for her friend Laura’s man, Wes.

A little bit of history: Wes and Laura have been together since day one. After Megan entered the villa, she chose Eyal over Alex, and they appeared to have been happily coupled up until last night. Out of nowhere, Megan split with a shocked Eyal and claimed she had more fun with Wes, before kissing him in the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge.

It didn’t end there though. Wes returned Megan’s kiss later on in the game, but also asked Laura to ‘marry’ him, saying that he could see a future with her. Mere hours later, Megan pulled Wes away to tell him she fancied him and asked him to kiss her. Although Wes denied the kiss, he told Megan that he fancied her too – and informed Laura that it was over.

In one of the most tense moments of the season, Laura lashed out at Wes for telling her he was falling for her earlier in the week and leaving the future he saw with her for a girl he had a bit of fun with. All the while, Megan was watching it all unfold with a big smirk on her face.

Megan and Laura have not had much airtime together, so it is hard to call how close they are as friends. But in the villa, it appears that all the girls so far get on and the pair have never said a bad word about each other in the confessional so it would be fair to say they are friendly.

After the Wes and Laura breakup, Laura shouted at Megan calling her a “f*cking slag” to which Megan replied “You’ve slept with more people than I have.” This savage encounter sent Twitter into overdrive with many calling out Megan for breaking girl code and going behind her friend’s back to steal her man.

One of Megan’s comments on last night’s show really seemed to stick with a lot of people. While Wes and Laura were fighting, Megan said, “This is why I don’t have girlfriends.” A lot of people felt it wasn’t really surprising, if that was the way she acted towards them.

While her and Laura may not have been best friends, doing what she did to any girl she was friends with (not to mention living in a villa with) is pretty uncalled for. Yes, Megan has the right to get to know whoever she wants but she went about it the wrong way, severely hurting Laura in the process.

As for the other girls in the villa, while it wasn’t exactly their place to tell Laura, encouraging Megan to go for Wes without telling Laura, knowing the pain it would cause, was also out of order.

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While Megan handled the situation badly and was way out of order towards Laura, we must not forget Wes’s part in all of this. Although he did refrain from kissing Megan on the balcony, he changed his mind awfully quick. After all, he did express strong feelings towards Laura during their time together – mere hours before the split he said he could see a future with her. At least he did tell Laura before anything went any further between him and Megan.

Megan on the other hand, blatantly went out of her way to sneak behind Laura’s back and dismiss her feelings, which in many people’s books, is a violation of girl code and just outright disrespectful. Can’t say we disagree.


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