People Are Really Not Happy With The Love Island Producers After Last Nights Show

They're claiming that Dani is being "emotionally abused."

Last nights show of Love Island had it all.

From games, kisses and tears. But one person got put through a pretty painful ordeal on the show, and the public aren’t happy.

Dani and Jack have been the It couple from nearly the very beginning. They get on like a house on fire and the kind gestures and sweet things they say to each other has warmed everyone’s heart.

Last week, the lovebirds made it official after Jack asked Dani to be his girlfriend (sob), and it seemed like nothing could crack this couple. That is until the boys were sent to a separate villa, Casa Amor, and six new girls were sent their way and six new boys went in for the girls.

In a state of shock, Jack realised his ex Ellie was one of the newbies. Everything was up in the air as we all waited with held breath in hopes that he’d remained loyal to Dani. But there was a communal sigh of relief as we saw Jack sleep on the daybed every night and confess to the boys that he was in Love with Dani.

Just when we thought nothing could go wrong, the producer decided to send the girls a compilation video of what the boys had been up to in the villa. They showed Adam and Alex smooching new girls, Wes sleeping alone, Josh getting excited about his new interest and finally, Jack reacting to his ex coming into the villa.

Immediately after seeing that Dani, burst into tears asking the girls why do these bad things always happen to her as soon as she’s happy. Dani painfully sobbed in the confessional, thinking Jack had done the worst and saying she didn’t want to see him. But the video didn’t show any of the good things he had done since, like avoiding all the girls including his ex and professing his love for her.

So why did the producers do it? That’s the question everyone is asking. Twitter fans have come out in their droves to criticise the Ofcom producers who they accused of “emotional cruelty” towards Dani.

People pointed out that following the death of former Islanded Sophie Gradon, they shouldn’t be playing with the contestant’s emotions and causing unnecessary hurt.

Here’s hoping that Dani gets to see how good Jack has been and they go back to being national treasures.