People Are Shook After Realising What ‘ASOS’ Stands For

Okay, this makes a lot of sense.

ASOS is one of the biggest fashion retailers out there. And despite its popularity, it seems very few people actually know what it stands for.

So much more than just a random mish-mash of letters, it turns out ASOS actually stands for As Seen On Screen.

Which, makes sense, given the origins of the brand.

Launching back in 2000, it originally sold clothes that famous people wore, giving us normies the chance to wear what the s’lebs do.


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Shortly after this, the brand changed the type of clothes it sells, extending further than just items seen on TV and magazines. Thus, ASOS was born.

We’re shook.

It’s not the only time we’ve been mind blown this week either. We also learned earlier this week that we’ve been pronouncing Adele’s name wrong all this time.

During a Q&A with fans, one fan asked her a question via zoom, but it wasn’t the question that caught the singer’s attention, it was how the fan said her name! Responding she said, “Love that! She said my name perfectly!”

Turns out, the correct pronunciation is “uh-dele” not “ah-dele”, so a U sound instead of the A, who knew?!


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