People Are Signing A Petition To Stop The Release Of New “Body Shaming” Netflix Show ‘Insatiable’

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Upcoming Netflix original show Insatiable is receiving huge amounts of online backlash, and it hasn’t even been released yet.

The show, starring Debby Ryan, is described as a ‘coming of rage story’ about an overweight girl in high school that is bullied because of her size, only to be involved in an accident causing her to lose weight over summer and become ‘hot’.

Despite fellow star Alyssa Milano defending the trailer, and insisting it addresses the issue of fat shaming in a light hearted way, twitter is having none of it.

There is now a petition doing the rounds, looking for signatures to encourage Netflix not to release the show, due to air on August 10th. With the signatures nearing the 50,000 goal, you can help out and sign here, if you so wish.



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