People Couldn’t Cope With This Lad’s Cringey Flirting Skills On First Dates Ireland Last Night

"We're just two gorgeous brown-haired people."

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The fourth episode of First Dates Ireland kicked off last night, with a spate of new daters hitting Dublin’s Gibson Hotel to try and find love.

First up were Katie and self-confessed “grinning moron” Ciarán, who seemed to hit it off.


Next into the restaurant though was “Wicklow bad boy” Brian, who claimed to know his stuff in the dating department.

Alarm bells rang when Brian told the cameras that would consider himself “a player,” adding “I would enjoy getting with one girl and then getting with another girl next week.”

Brian told us he had been “unfaithful” in other relationships, but said he was ready to change his ways.




Brian’s potential match for the night was Dubliner Sarah, who seemed well able to take his bad boy attitude, even when he mocked her arm tattoo, asking “what the hell is this?”


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In the end, the pair agreed – after much deliberation and use of the word “sound” – that they were “both sound.”


The people of Twitter didn’t take to Brian quite as much as Sarah did, especially when he described their date as “a celebration of love between two gorgeous brown-haired people.”

Things really kicked off when Brian tried to woo Sarah to the zoo the next day on a hunt for her favourite animal (“a pink flamingo”) – though she didn’t take the bait.


In the end though, Brian and Sarah agreed to a second date, but in the epilogue, we found out they had yet to meet again.

Ah, the cut-throat world of dating.