Perfectly Curated? Here’s Why You Might Want To Take Bella Hadid’s Instagram With A Massive Pinch Of Salt

Being a model isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Bella Hadid gives us major #LifeGoals with her glamorous lifestyle, famous friends and adventurous holidays, but it seems the model doesn’t have as much time off as we thought.

Speaking recently to Compelo, the 20-year-old explained that she only takes two days off per fortnight, spending the majority of her time at work.

“It’s crazy because it looks like I have a lot of down time and a lot of vacations,” she says,  “Especially when people look at my pictures online. But the thing is that I don’t post every day when I’m working – but I will post old pictures from previous trips – which makes it look like I’m on vacation a lot of the time, when actually I’m at work.”

So these stunning photos were taken ages ago, and she doesn’t actually spend her whole life zipping about on jet skis with Kendall Jenner, or jumping out of planes in Dubai.

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Bella went on to say that she’s a workaholic. “When I’m really intense I will honestly work for four months straight and then I’ll have one weekend off and then I’ll go straight back to work. People think that in between I have so much time off but I only ever take two days off every two weeks, at the maximum.

“I will go somewhere so that I can breathe and really take a break and get my thoughts back together before I have to go back to everything. I’m a workaholic, I really love it but I’m exhausted a lot and it really takes a toll on you sometimes.”

Okay, now we don’t feel *quite* so jealous.

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