‘Period Sex Blankets’ Are Now A Thing… But They May Set You Back A Bit

We can explain.

If you are one to indulge in some period sex, you’ll know how messy it can get.

No one wants to be thinking about the clean up they’ll have to do while they’re getting intimate with a partner… so you’ll be interested to hear that there is now a period sex blanket on the market.

Created by period pants makers THINX, the blanket is made with the same technology as its period-proof underwear.

The blanket aims to absorb any leakage, which you can then put straight into the washing machine without worrying about permanent stains.

The brand’s CEO claims she wants to break the taboo of period sex, explaining that it’s “totally natural” and that “orgasms release hormones that can sometimes help ease the pain of menstrual cramps”.

Sounds cool right? Well there is a catch.

The blanket is a lot more expensive than your average towel or bedding, launching today at a whopping €316.

Ouch! We think we’ll be waiting for a cheaper version.


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