Perrie Edwards Is Being Accused Of Photoshopping Her Bum In *This* Sexy Instagram Pic

Fans are being very vocal in the comments section.

Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards is currently enjoying a relaxing sun-holiday with her boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and she’s been sharing stunning photos of their time abroad with her six million followers on Instagram.

The Little Mix star has been giving us major #VacationEnvy with snaps of her chilling on a yacht, driving an island buggie and even going horse riding. But there’s one pic of the 23-year-old that’s raising some eyebrows.

In this post, which Perrie captioned “My boy got views”, the singer is sitting on a swing looking out towards the ocean and her bum looks very Kardashian-esque.

My boy got views ?

A post shared by Perrie Edwards ✌️? (@perrieedwards) on

Fans have been commenting underneath it saying that they think she’s photoshopped her bum to make it look bigger than it really is. One person wrote, “I’m sorry to say this – I know Perrie has always had a beautiful hourglass body shape with a big butt… But this picture looks photoshopped.”

Another person commented, “Fake AF!” While someone else said, “That ass uneven… When you use photoshop make sure yo’ ass symmetrical.”

However, others have jumped to Perrie’s defence saying that her bum hasn’t been photoshopped and that the photo is just taken from a particularly good angle. One woman wrote, “All of you are mad and cannot accept that a woman can have a nice body without using photoshop or any surgery. It really shows that you all are a fucking jealous, you all think you have the right to treat a person in any way.

“Perrie has a nice body, ok? Deal with it. But I see you can not accept it, thinking that you all are right when you don’t have the truth, please stop the hate. That ass is real as fuck ?????… Ugh ?  There’s a lot of poses and angles to take a photo, by the way ? .”

Pez is so confident that we doubt she’s taking any heed of the comments. She’s living her best life, so who cares what anybody else thinks?

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