Piers Morgan Described Meghan Markle As A ‘Social Climber’ On The Late Late Show

He says he used to be friends with The Duchess

Last night the ever controversial Piers Morgan appeared on Irish TV, as he sat down with Ryan on The Late Late Show.

Now don’t get us wrong, we know Mr Morgan has a lot of controversial opinions (at all the right times), but we really didn’t think he would be involving himself in the Markle family drama.

The former Britain’s Got Talent judge spilled on all things Duchess, as he said Megs and her Suits co-stars all blanked him ahead of the Royal wedding in May of this year.

“About three years ago, I followed all the Suits stars on Twitter and in five minutes I got a direct message from Meghan Markle,” he told Ryan Tubridy.

“The message said, ‘hey, I’m a big fan, so excited you’re following me’. Another guy from Suits he got involved too. And we began corresponding, publicly and privately.

“She began sending me early copies of Suits episodes, she’d email me, I thought we had a good friendship.

““She asked, ‘would you like to meet up for a drink?’ I said ‘yes, sure’. I said come to my local pub. So she came to my local pub in Kensington, ironically about half a mile from the Kensington Palace.

“Nobody knew who she was, but when she walked in the pub looking like a million dollars, they all went that oh, maybe she is someone really special.

“We had two hours in the pub, we got on perfectly. And then I put her in a cab, and then it turned out to be a cab to the party where she met Prince Harry.

“The next night they had a solo dinner together, and that was the last I ever heard from Meghan Markle.

“She’s a bit of a social climber, I’m afraid.”

Oooh…. harsh words…

Piers then went on to talk about the Markle family drama, which saw her father Thomas Markle miss her wedding, and her half sister Samantha continues to trash talk Harry’s wife on any occasion she can.

“At her wedding, there was only one member of her family there,” he said. “The rest could not be risked! It was too dangerous.

“The other guy – I won’t name him – he did the same,”  he said. “He popped up after the wedding, which he was at, apologising, saying I’m so sorry and all that. He’d been told to ghost me as well.”

We’d say don’t hold your breath for any Royal invites Piers…


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