Pippa O’Connor Has Shared A Very Exciting Update About Her POCO Jeans Brand

Her company is doing SERIOUSLY well.

Pippa O’Connor’s denim brand, POCO, has gone from strength to strength since first launching online in 2016. She’s since gone on to have pop-up shops and special fashion factories around the country – and things aren’t slowing down.

While on a three-hour stopover in Dubai airport, the business woman explained to her followers on Snapchat, “It’s 1:30am here, we’ve only two hours left to wait before our next flight to Mauritius. Lots of people are messaging me saying ‘Oh are you on holidays in Dubai?’ No, we’re not on our holidays, though it kind of feels like it!

“But no, we’re going to Mauritius to work. We have a new manufacturer we’re going to be working with, we have a couple, but this is going to be another one, which I’m really happy and excited about. I wanted to have them on board from the beginning, but it was kind of difficult to get them. They’re huge and so good at what they do. They manufacture for all the biggest luxury denim brands, so we are very lucky to now have POCO on their list as well.

“Truth be told, we’ve been trying to get involved with this company for three years now, and at the very beginning when we got in contact with them, we told them what we were doing and they basically laughed at us! They were like ‘No, you’re not big enough for us.’ But persistence pays off, and eventually they met us in London, then came to us in Dublin, and now we’re going to them.”

Exciting times ahead – we can’t wait to see what she has in store.

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