Pippa O’Connor Releases Trailer For Her New Reality Show

Following Pippa is part of a new range of shows she's currently working on

If you’ve always wanted to see what goes on behind the Instagram account of one of Ireland’s biggest influencers and businesswoman, now is your chance.

Pippa O’Connor has revealed the first look at her new documentary Following Pippa, which does exactly what it says on the tin. The show will focus on her busy life as she works on her denim range POCO, opens a new pop-up in Kildare Villages, gets ready for the Style Awards, and juggling it all with family life as the mum of two boys.


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The documentary is part of her latest project Pippa TV, which is essentially a personal Youtube for content made by Pippa and her team.

Speaking to VIP Magazine this time last year, she revealed what to expect from the website: “It’s is basically going to be our own TV channel online.

“I’m really excited about that because it is our own platform and it’s not on Youtube. So myself and my husband [Brian Ormond] are basically the editors so we can put what we want on it.”

The former model added that she’ll be in some of the shows while others will be ‘nothing to do with me’.

“It will be stuff that I think is relevant and things that I would watch.”

Don’t expect it to be all fashion and beauty either as the 34-year-old is hoping to keep Pippa TV diverse.

“We really want to do a mixture, so I want to do documentaries, it will be fun lifestyle things too and then practical things like cooking or something to do with makeup and hair. Just things that I know women would like to watch, current and modern stuff not dated makeovers.”

The first of her shows is out Friday at 8pm on Pippa.tv.

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