‘Please Slim’: Net-A-Porter Just Made The Most Monstrous Photoshop Error And People Are Livid

The photo obviously wasn't supposed to go live.

It’s no secret that editing women’s bodies to make them look slimmer and more toned is a thing. Still, most retailers go to great lengths to disguise how much Photoshopping goes into their imagery.

Unfortunately for online shop Net-A-Porter, someone on their team has just let slip what happens to their pics post-production, by, er, uploading the following image to a listing for a pair of socks:

As you can see, the imagery contains arrows pointing to the model’s thighs, arms and waist with the words “please slim”.

Thanks to online backlash, the listing has now been amended to an arrow- and instruction-free image of the model.

Ugh. Looks like Net-A-Porter might have a bit of explaining to do.

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