P!nk Just Had The Perfect Clap Back For An Instagram Troll & We Can’t Stop Laughing

P!nk is probably one of our favourite Hollywood idols of all time, and we’re still just as obsessed with her!

The Just Like A Pill singer is a bad ass, a mamma and is also incredibly talented – but now we know she’s also a gas bitch. Love.

We know most celebs get their fair share of hate and abuse online – and most of them have grown thick skin and choose to ignore the majority. But we must admit we LIVE for a good aul clap back – and this one has to be our favourite of 2019.

So P!nk posted a sweet lil shot with her hubby and two kids while enjoying some family time on tour – lovely.

You might think ‘what is there to give her shit about’? But alas, trolls are never deterred.

One lovely lady took aim at the fact the star posted the picture, after saying she was ‘shutting the door to the outside world.’ And this was P!nk’s response…

Is it just us or is the use of the word ‘fucko’ the funniest thing you’ve ever read?

We now officially STAN P!nk as much as the next!