Present Wrapping Hacks You Need To Know Right Now

Should we have done it sooner? Yes. But here we are...

Regardless of the shape or size of the gift that you receive, one of the most exciting part of gift-giving is seeing that beautiful wrapping beneath the tree, and wondering what on earth could be inside of it.

But, the actual wrapping process can be an absolute nightmare, and each year we’re left wishing we had done it sooner.

Making things that little bit easier for you now that we’re mere days out from the Big Day, we’re sharing some handy wrapping hacks. Not only will they cut down your wrapping time, they’ll help you to make your gifts look extra cute too.

No go forth and wrap my friend!

The Wrapping Paper Bag

For those oddly shaped gifts that don’t quite fit in the box for gift wrapping, why not try a gift wrap bag? It’s easy, and will save you from fighting the wrapping paper for hours to come! You could pop a sheet of tissue paper on top so it still has that ‘wrapped’ illusion.

@wrappinqueen Create your own gift bag out of wrapping paper! Watch to learn how! #wrappinggifts #wrappingtutorial #wrappinghacks #wrappingpresents #christmaswrapping ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

Super Stylish Gift-Wrapped Box

Tie your gift-wrapped box together with a bow in a more unconventional way this year! Leave one side of the wrapping paper longer, and place a piece of ribbon. This creates a cute bow handle, and makes it easy to unwrap for those who are all about saving the paper!

@cherishlarsen Just wrap gift like you normally would but leave one side longer. Add ribbon, keep folding until you reach the box. Fold sides and tie ribbon!!🎄 #christmastiktok #christmasdiy #diyhack #holidaytime ♬ Rock around the Christmas Tree (loop) – perov

Attach Your Card To The Gift

Make a cosy little pocket for your Christmas card with this gift wrap hack!

@lenniamc How to gift wrap a box with a pocket for cards #giftwrapping #wrappingpresents #wrappinghacks ♬ Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! – Dean Martin

If All Else Fails, Wrap Diagonal

We’ve all had that disastrous moment where we’ve accidentally cut the wrapping paper too short. Fear not! If you flip the gift so that it’s diagonal to the paper, you won’t need to use up any more paper.

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Candle Lover Wrapping

Have a family member who is simply obsessed with candles, but you never know how to wrap them? Look no further, we’ve finally solved the riddle! Get some gift wrap tissue and created a little poof at the top of the candle. Then wrap a strip of wrapping paper around the flat side of the candle. Easy peasy!

@lenniamc Replying to @occ_567 Another cute idea on candle gift wrapping #Wrappinghacks #giftideas #giftwrapping ♬ Christmas song “Let’s decorate” – 3KTrack

Written by Rebekah O’Reilly


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