#ProjectHappy: 5 Apps To Get Your Grin Back

Get appy! We've found the best mood-boosting apps around.

girls using phones

HUZZAH! As part of our year-long #ProjectHappy campaign, designed to help you get a little bit happier every day, Stellar.ie will be chatting all things positive every Wednesday. This week we’re waxing lyrical about happy apps, and we’ve rounded up the best ones to help you get your grin back. From handling anxiety, to appreciating the little things, these apps will help you feel all shades of happy.

1 Happy Habits: Choose Happiness

Got a deadly date planned or a vay-cay you’re seriously look forward to? This app is like a virtual happy list –  it lets you record positive upcoming events, meaning you’ll get a buzz from knowing good times are a-coming.  BONUS: It’s also got an audio feature that helps you manage your emotions and adopt a more positive outlook when you’re not feeling so chirpy.

2 Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Not a morning person? The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock monitors your sleeping patterns and wakes you up at the optimum time, meaning you get a deadly night’s kip and start the day energised and refreshed. The science bit? If you’re well rested, your mood is more likely to stay stable. In other words, catching better zeds = a happier you. Simple as that.

3 Strides

Strides is kinda like a digital dashboard for your life. It helps you set goals and track your progress, and hey, who doesn’t feel good when they’re smashing their goals? Plus, the handy graphs will help you see if you’re on course to hitting your target too. Pretty neat, huh?

4 Calm Down Now

Feeling stressed out or anxious? Calm Down Now uses guided relaxation strategies that ward off nasty anxiety attacks. It’s also got a customisable mix of relaxing sounds, designed to snap you out of a foul mood.  Just what we need on a Monday morning!

5 Headspace

Need some head space? This app teaches you to be mindful, by giving you 10 short meditations to try over 10 days. That means major benefits for your mood, attention span and coping skills. We’ll bet you’ll be feeling loads more zen at the end of it.