PSA: Penneys Are Launching A New Website Next Year

Please, let me buy some knicks and ankle socks online.

I can’t tell you how many times I wish upon a star that Penneys had the option of online shopping. Well, I haven’t actually wished upon a star but I have mentioned how fantastic it would be certainly more than once.

Well, we could be taking a step in the right direction, as the retail company will be launching a website for Irish stores so you can check what’s in stock before you make your trip.

Okay so it isn’t an online shopping service, unfortunately, but it is a bit of a lifesaver.

Ever pop into Penneys for that specific dress you saw in influencer wear or your fave €1 thong and a new bra only to discover they don’t have your size? I think we’ve all been there in the post-lockdown Penneys rush…

Well, disappointment and wasted trips no more! The new website will allow you to check what’s in stock in store before you make the trip, saving you time energy, and money that you’ll no doubt spend on the impulse buy jacket and skirt and hoops and white ankle socks and fluffy socks and a face mask… the list goes on.

In a statement, Primark said, “The improved functionality of the website will allow us to showcase a much larger proportion of the Primark range and provide to customers range availability by store”.

According to The Irish Examiner, a spokesperson said, “We have no plans for a delivery service, our focus, for now, is investing in our new website and digital marketing capabilities in order to drive customer footfall.”

Although we may be still praying for the day online shopping in Penneys exists, this is a step closer and makes our lives a whole lot easier.

We look forward to browsing the stock from the comfort of our own sofas.


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