PSA: Rihanna Is Urging You To Wear SPF Every. Single. Day

Riri has spoken, listen up.


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I know you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but Rihanna comes pretty close to being exactly that. So when she speaks, many will take it as gospel, it’s just how it is.

We’re sure (well, we’re hoping) that you know the importance of wearing SPF day in and day out at this stage, but by the off chance that you’re not, Rihanna is here to remind you exactly how important it is.

Taking to Instagram yesterday, Rihanna shared a shot of her looking unreal as always, along with the Fenty Skin Start’r Set, which includes the Total Cleans’r wash, Fat Water toner serum, and Hydra Vizor moisturizer with SPF 30. You know, basically everything your skin needs.

“Just protecting my melanin while they try to eradicate it! @fentyskin #FentySkinStartRs mini gang!” she wrote, also referencing the Black Lives Matter movement.


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Then along came one commenter, who’s under the impression that SPF is only needed when the sun is shining – FYI this is extremely, extremely false. “It’s winter now,” they commented under the post.

Well, Riri was having none of that, and we have to applaud it. “It’s the ignorance for me!” she wrote. “You gon have wrinkles if you think spf is seasonal! But continue.” Yep, when Rihanna replies to you like that, you know you’re in the wrong.

Recently, speaking on an episode of‘s Go to Bed with Me, Rihanna revealed that she really wanted to focus on creating a high quality SPF for Fenty Skin, explaining that an SPF that works for all races and every skin tone was a high priority for her.

“Another big thing about SPF moisturizers and sunscreen in general is that it usually leaves this white cast and a horrible, horrible smell,” said said. “But I also wanted women of all skin tones and all colors to be able to use this moisturizer without that gray white cast left behind.”

We have no choice but to stan.


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