PSA: You Can Now Stay In Carrie Bradshaw’s NYC Apartment

Trip to New York, anyone?

From the iconic outdoor steps and the mini walk-in wardrobe to the oven full of shoes, I feel as if Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment instilled false hope in many people (myself included) for what could one day be a trendy home to pop in and out of while living our dream life.

Not that I had ever planned to live in New York, but my dingey little apartments that I’ve rented throughout the years didn’t exactly live up to what I had in my head.

Well, the good news is that you can now stay in Carrie Bradshaw’s actual apartment in New York City. The one-bedroom, rent-controlled Upper East Side brownstone apartment apparently cost her $750 a month and included a walk-in wardrobe that the majority of New Yorkers can only dream of.

via airbnb

In the run-up to the SATC reboot, titled And Just Like That…, Airbnb has teamed up with Warner Bros. to celebrate and re-create Carrie’s apartment, although at a different location within the neighbourhood it still has what made Carrie’s home exactly that. From her bedcovers and Aiden’s recognisable leather chair, her 90s Apple laptop, vintage Vogue magazines and you guessed it, the famous wardrobe.

via airbnb

From November 8th, the iconic apartment can be rented for just $23 per night. One dollar for each year since Carrie and crew were first introduced to SATC fans.

Fancy booking it for yourself? You can check out more right here, or even just have a nosey at the pics.

Now, if we could also rent out Monica’s apartment from Friends we’ll be living the dream.