Quiz: What Hogwarts House Would You Be Sorted Into?

Take our quiz to find out!

Still devastated about not receiving your Hogwarts letter? Yeah, same… Imagine the craic you’d be having with your magical mates down by the quidditch pitch, or in the common room after Transfiguration.

But just what common room would you have been in? Take our quiz to find out and simply add up your points after each answer to find out where you belong.

How would you approach someone you fancy?

  • Just walk up and ask them out, simple. (1)
  • Suss out their interests, and have a deep conversation with them to demonstrate your likeness. (2)
  • Develop your friendship with them, patience is key in the land of love. (3)
  • You’re such a catch they’ll surely come on to you first. (4)

You see a stranger being pick-pocketed on a crowded street, you:

  • Chase after the thief, reclaim the stolen goods and valiantly return them to the owner. (1)
  • Quickly take in what the criminal looks like, and immediately report the incident to the Guards. (2)
  • Rush to the victim’s aid, comfort them and promise to provide a witness statement. (3)
  • Walk on by, admiring the thief’s cunning craftiness. (4)

Which of these professions most appeals to you?

  • Security guard – you’ve always considered yourself a protector of the people. (1)
  • Teacher – you’re passionate about education. (2)
  • Councillor – you love to help people.  (3)
  • A-list celebrity – you want all eyes on you at all times. (4)

You’re feeling overwhelmed at work and need some time to unwind, you:

  • Tell your manager you need some time off, you need to focus on yourself right now. (1)
  • Make a schedule to better manage your tasks, making sure to leave blank spaces to relax. (2)
  • Keep your head down and get what you need to do done. You can chill out later when the job is done. (3)
  • Disappear mysteriously from your desk, it’s nobody’s business what you’re doing. (4)

What pet would you bring to school?

  • Owl (1)
  • Cat (2)
  • Toad (3)
  • Rat (4)

There’s a huge party on in town but it’s a work night and you know you shouldn’t go. You…

  • Sneak out, have fun for a while and then head home to catch some Zzz’s. (1)
  • Make a witty joke about the silliness of midweek parties and decide to host your own party at the weekend instead. (2)
  • You stay home, it’s in your best interest to get a good night’s sleep. (3)
  • You’re the first one there and last to leave – you can call in sick tomorrow if needs be. (4)


The Results

6 – 11 points Gryffindor

You’ve got a real nerve and aren’t shy about standing up for yourself and others. You’ll be hanging out in Gryffindor Tower with your fellow chivalrous classmates.

12 – 16 points Ravenclaw

You value intelligence and wit, and are seen by many to be very level-headed and rational. You’ll be found reading and telling smart stories in Ravenclaw Tower.

17 – 20 points Hufflepuff

Friendship is so important to you, as is loyalty, patience and diligence. You’re a good listener and care about all living creatures, magical or otherwise.

21 – 24 points Slytherin

You’re ambitious and cunning. You don’t care about anything that doesn’t concern you directly, and you’ll do whatever you need to succeed.

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