Quiz: What Role Do You Play On A Girl’s Holiday?

Easy breezy, highly strung or the one who spends the weekend pining for her fella?

If you’ve ever gone on a ‘girls only’ trip, you’ll know that each of your friends take on a certain role. But which one do you play? Easy breezy, highly strung or the one who spends the weekend pining for her fella? There’s always one..

Simply answer the Qs, add up your points, and find out!

You and your girlfriends have decided to go on holiday. You…

– Grab your notebook, laptop and calculator and start planning immediately. (3)

– Text your boyfriend and ask if he’d like to come too, because you’d love a break away with him. (2)

– Pop the kettle on and leave the other girls to plan it, Googling flights is stressful. (1)

You arrive at the airport with a slightly overweight suitcase. You…

– Pay the fee for overweight baggage and move on. You miss your boyfriend too much to care about your suitcase right now. (2)

– Complain about the ridiculous baggage restrictions and reluctantly divide items from your check-in suitcase into your hand luggage. (1)

– Lol, JK. That would never happen to you because you carefully weigh your luggage before you leave home. (3)

You’re on the plane, and the child behind you is crying really loudly. You…

– Aren’t bothered, because you’ve a fully charged iPod and headphones in your ears. (3)

– Make your annoyance known to the child’s parents with a series of eye rolls and request that the air hostess have you reseated. (1)

– Distract yourself with funny memes your other half text you this morning. (2)

After checking into your hotel room, you…

– Hang up all of your clothes and read through the hotel’s handbook for information on local restaurants, taxi services and breakfast times. (3)

– Text your S/O to let him know you got there safely. (2)

– Flop down on your bed because you’re just SO tired from all that travelling. (1)

It’s party time and you’ve popped into a nearby club. Do you…

– Drag your girlfriends to the bathroom and insist you find somewhere better to go, this place is too loud and you’re hungry. (1)

– Spend the night fighting off flirty men because you’re already taken. (2)

– Dance the night away and mingle with the locals. (3)

You’ve woken up with a whopper hangover. You…

– Ring home and ask himself to sing ‘Soft Kitty’. (2)

– Make it widely known to everyone there that you’re dying. (1)

– Take the painkillers you packed and knock back some water. (3)

There’s lots of foreign currency at the bottom of your bag. Do you…

– Pick up something nice for your boyfriend to show that you’ve been missing him. (2)

– Donate it all to the charity box inside the airport on your way home. (3)

– Leave it there and moan about mistaking it for euros for the next two weeks. (1)

The Results: How did you score?

7-11 POINTS: The Moany One

Even the tiniest things get on your nerves and you like to make sure people know about it. You’ll find any excuse to complain – even a fun weekend away. Just try not to be *too* negative or you won’t be invited to the next one.

12-17 POINTS: The Loved-Up One

You’re in a relationship and can’t bear to be apart from your significant other. The concept of a girl’s holiday is lost on you because, why would you go anywhere without him? An adventure of the world is an adventure of the heart.

18-21 POINTS: The Organised One

You’re the one everyone relies on, and you’re okay with that. Without you, there’d be no girls’ holiday, and you’re willing to listen to ‘the moany one’ for the sake of an adventure with your besties.

This quiz first appeared in the July issue of STELLAR Magazine. Our September issue is on shelves now.

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