Redecorating? Avoid This Shade Of Green Unless You Want To Offend Everyone Ever

Pantone 448 C has officially been named 'the ugliest colour in the world.'

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At this stage we’ve thrown most colour rules out the window when it comes to fashion and interiors.

Clashing prints? Go for it. Blue and navy together? Why the hell not. Wearing white with pale skin? No problem there.

But if you’re planning to update your wardrobe or apartment soon, there’s one colour we’d still suggest avoiding, at least for now: Pantone 448 C.


The murky brownish green came out on the bottom following three months of research commissioned by the Australian government as part of their cigarette box re-design project.

The Aussies commissioned marketing agency GfK to carry out a grand total of seven studies to determine which colour of cigarette boxes would be least appealing to smokers.

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Around 1,000 smokers were polled, and while lime green, beige and dark grey were also contenders, Pantone 448 C’s grimy tones won out, with participants comparing the colour to “dirt,” “tar” and even “death.”


The colour’s official name is “opaque couché,” and while the Australian government initially dubbed it “olive green” in official publications, it was later changed to “drab dark green,” so as not to offend olive lovers, we assume.

Plain packaging rules have been in effect in Australia since 2012, and a High Court ruling this month in the UK has legislated for implementation of the same rules. As well as making each box an identical shade of green, manufacturers must ensure that at least 60 per cent of the box’s design is dedicated to health warnings and that all font is in the same block text.

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Here in Ireland, a “plain packaging bill” has also been proposed, which would see cigarette companies in this country having to follow similar guidelines.

Makes you look at that khaki green crop top in a different way, right?