Rejoice! Here’s How You Can Eat ALL OF THE CARBS Without Gaining Any Weight

Carbs. Carbs. All the carbs.

Rosanna Creamy Pasta

As far as food groups go, the carbohydrate category is pretty much the winner, am I right?

I mean, pizza, pasta, bread and even chocolate all rack up a heavy carb content. Unfortunately they also have a pretty bad rep to go along with it and are often cut from diets, in a method known as ‘carb cycling.’

But here’s the good news. While carbs have long been considered the enemy, it turns out there is one particular group of carbs that you can happily munch down on, diet or no diet.

In fact, according to new research eating a carbohydrate group known as ‘Resistance Starch’ can actually help maintain a lean figure.

Here’s the science bit: Resistant starches are typically harder to digest than most other carbs, therefore they are broken down more slowly and provide slow-releasing energy.

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In comparison, normal starch carbs are digested more quickly and therefore spike your blood sugar and provide an almost instantaneous energy boost, followed swiftly by a slump.

So how can you get more resistant starch carbs into your diet?

Thankfully it doesn’t mean altering what you eat too much, but it does involve changing the way you eat.

You’ll already find resistant starches in foods like bananas, brown rice and some seeds, but leftovers also contain them too.

Basically, foods like pasta and potatoes develop resistant carbs after cooling, so all you gotta do is stick them in the fridge before you gobble them guilt-free.

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