Remember Cora From Titanic? This Is What She Looks Like Now!

Plus the deleted scene showing her character's tragic death.

It’s been over 20 years since James Cameron’s Titanic was released in cinemas and the little girl who played Cora Cartmell is all grown up.

Alex Owens-Sarno is now 29 and writes her own sketch comedy which she shares on her YouTube channel. Despite being older, the San Diego native hasn’t changed a bit since starring in the 1997 blockbuster. She still has the same curly hair and big, hazel eyes.

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We all remember the famous scene in which she dances with the very handsome Jack Dawson before he dances with Rose. When Cora feels a little bit hard-done by, Jack promises, “You’re still my best girl, Cora.” Aww!

Speaking to Buzzfeed about her time on set, Alex said, “My mom has an amazing picture of me, Leo, Kate, and my little sister Rachel hanging out when they were resetting for the dancing scene. It’s one of my favourites and is a reminder of just how lucky I am to have worked with two of the best actors out there.”

But there’s another scene she filmed that never made the final cut. In this heartbreaking clip, you can see the five-year-old trying to escape the third class corridor with her mother and father, but sadly they didn’t make it.

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