Remember Glen Coco From Mean Girls? Well, He’s A Regulation Hottie Now

Seriously, you go Glen Coco.

Glen Coco

Forget Cady Heron and Regina George, everyone knows that movie extra Glen Coco is the true star of Mean Girls.

Now, as it turns out, he’s actually pretty ridey.

See Digital Spy have done a little digging and found out that Glen Coco AKA actor David Reale, who makes a brief cameo in the movie, is super handsome.


Trapped in a box of infinite vanity, thirty thousand feet in the air.

A photo posted by David Reale (@therealedavid) on


A photo posted by David Reale (@therealedavid) on

A rice bag at the club exploded and the rice just fell like this! DEMON WORKOUT! @anchoredsocialclub

A photo posted by David Reale (@therealedavid) on

So what’s he up to these days then? Well since the back of his head briefly appeared in Mean Girls in 2014 he’s actually been doing pretty well career-wise. David’s appeared in two episodes of Queer As Folk US, as well as taking on roles in Suits and Skins.

So basically he’s hot AND successful. You go, David Reale.


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