Remember Little Sophie From The Holiday? She’s All Grown Up With Her Own Daughter Now

Time for eye cream and some serum!

The Holiday is a Christmas classic and one pretty much everyone has seen. The festivities can’t begin until Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz swap homes for the season. Yep, it’s been a festive favourite since its release in 2006.

That’s right, and if the fact it was released in 2006 doesn’t make you feel ancient, we know what will. Remember Sophie? Jude Law’s adorable daughter in the film, well she’s now a mum herself and is on TikTok. Miffy Englefield, or @miffz_, was just seven-years-old when the film was released and is now 22 with a daughter of her own.

She welcomed her baby girl, Frances “Frankie” Rosanna Lee Englefield, with her partner Alex Whivley-Conway, just 7 months ago. No word on whether she’s planning on starring in any more Christmas flicks, but we know she is growing her social media and working on her music.

As for she enjoyed being the film, Miffy told Fabulous just how much joy The Holiday brings her now.

She said, “It was amazing being in it, every time it is on telly – and it is a lot – I crack up. It’s on Netflix now too.”

And it seems working with those big Hollywood names was also an absolute joy.

She revealed, “Jude had so much time for us. He was always giving me tips about acting. We would sit and do tongue twisters with him between takes.

“Cameron is a wonderful and glamorous American lady. She was always so focused. I was bouncing around on set at 5am, hyped up on sugary American cereals, and she was so nice.

“Kate Winslet is so lovely. At the premiere, she carried my little brother around and was covering him in kisses.

“Jack Black is Jack Black – there’s no other way of describing it. He’s as you expect him to be.

“I didn’t know who Cameron and Jude were because I was six. But I did know who Jack was because my dad was really into alternative music and I liked (Jack’s band) Tenacious D. The first time I met him I bounded up to him and said, ‘I love your music’. He was like ‘that is ridiculous, you are six years old.'”

Aww, it all sounds adorable.

@miffz_We dug this old relic out to take a trip down memory lane 🖤 #christmas #theholiday #childactor #wherearetheynow #christmasfilm♬ original sound – ⛓🦋 Miff 🦋⛓

Miffy also shares some behind the screens secrets, including how they filmed The Holiday. “The film was shot back to front, we started filming the end scene where we all danced in the living room first. It was good because it broke the ice, and we got to know each other well.”

And shockingly, the cute little Surrey village where Kate Winslet’s character live? Yeah, that was just a random set built in LA to look like Surrey. But before that ruins the whole film, they did shoot in actual Surrey for a little while.

Why didn’t our parents sign us up to be child actors? WHY NOT! We could’ve met Cameron Diaz.

Words by Sláine McKenna

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