Remember Paulo From Friends? Yeah, He’s A Legit Hottie These Days

Going grey suits him. Like, a lot.

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If you’re a Friends fan (i.e. a living and breathing human with access to a TV), then you no doubt remember Paolo, Rachel’s Italian stallion from Season 1.

Just when we thought that Ross was about to pluck up the courage to tell Rachel how he felt about her, in swooped Paolo with his luscious brown locks and hairy Italian chest.

Look at him there, all exotic and European:

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.08.04

Happily for Ross (but not so much for Rachel), Paolo turned out to be something of a douche, even trying it on with Phoebe during a massage at her salon.

If you’ve ever wondered what became of Paolo – or more specifically Cosimo Fusco, the actor who played him – then we have an answer for you, thanks to the folks at Pretty52. He’s still knocking around, and he’s far hotter now than he EVER was in his slimy Friends days.

Lads, he’s a genuine silver fox.



While his time on Friends didn’t exactly propel him to superstardom, Cosimo has had plenty of parts since his time as Rachel’s Italian lover, including roles in Gone in Sixty Seconds, Angels & Demons and The Mentalist as well as a host of Italian-language TV shows.


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