Remember Rizzo From Grease? This Is What She Looks Like Now

She's now 73 years old!

Can you believe it’s been 39 years since Grease was first released? We can’t. But then, it’s such a timeless movie that you’d be forgiven for forgetting it aged.

The cast have aged too, and Stockard Channing who played ringleader of the Pink Ladies, Rizzo, is no exception. The now 73-year-old appeared on ITV’s Lorraine this morning, looking so different from her former self.

She’s in London for a limited time to star in the West End play Apologia, but some fans were too distracted by her change in appearance to even listen to what she was saying.

Many took to Twitter questioning, “What happened to Rizzo’s face?'” while some others were downright nasty.

Other fans leapt to her defence, saying, “People tweeting about Stockard Channing’s face should remember 40 years have passed since Grease, she’s 73 and it’s HER face so take a seat.” Another person wrote, “It’s obvious Stockard Channing has had something done, but would you like these comments? She is a human too. Showbiz can be cruel.”

Just for old time’s sake, let’s have a look at Rizzo in action…

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