Renée Zellweger Heard Strangers Dissecting Her Appearance On The Tube And Her Reaction Was So Classy

They also called her 'stupid' not knowing she was sitting right across from them...

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It’s fair to say Renée Zellweger has faced some unfair criticism over the years, especially about her looks.

Back in 2014, she sparked widespread speculation about cosmetic surgery when she attended an event.

And while many celebs simply don’t read negative things about themselves for the sake of their mental health, it’s hard to ignore people bitching about you when they are right across from you.

The Bridget Jones actress revealed that she was sitting on the Tube in London when a group of people decided to start dissecting her face and slagging famous women.

She revealed that she overheard a man and two women giving out about her age and calling her ‘stupid’.

“I was on the subway in London, and I was sitting next to an older woman and a gentleman who’s about my age, and a woman who I would assume was his girlfriend, or maybe his sister or something, and they were talking about Hollywood. And they were talking about how Hollywood ladies are so silly, ‘especially that Renée Zellweger.'” she recalled during an interview with Jess Cagle from SiriusXM.

The commuters didn’t stop there though, they continued: “How could she do that? Why would she go and have surgery on her face, like we wouldn’t know? How could she do that?

She doesn’t look like herself. You can’t just do that, where you go and you just don’t look like yourself. Because we expect you to look like yourself.”

We’d love at this point in Renée walked over and said something witty to make the trio feel super awkward, but she’s far more classy than us. Instead, she just got ready to get off as her stop was coming up.

“I thought, wow, that’s interesting. Anyway, here’s my stop. So I get up and stand next to the door, waiting for it to open, and the man is still talking about how stupid I am,” she recalls.

Then came the moment one of them realised it was actual Renée Zellweger standing there.

“He looked up, and he said, ‘You’re… oh god, you’re not, you are, you’re, oh my god, but you look just like yourself!” And I thought, yeah, it’s funny how that works, isn’t it.” Perfectly classy answer, Renée!

Presumably panicked, the man kept going: “And he said, “Wow, uh, you know, Hugh Grant!” And I said, “Yeah, I do know Hugh Grant. He’s a great guy. I’ll tell him you said hello.”

Ugh, if only we had this level of cool.

Renée went on to further describe how the widespread scrutiny about her appearance felt at the time.

“It’s only momentarily, where you go, ‘Geez, wow, that’s pretty painful,’” she said. “But then, I don’t live in that. It just visits my life a little bit here and there…I have other things to do.”

For the record, she denies getting any work done, but that’s far from the point. There is more than one lesson to be learned here. First of all, be careful what you talk about on public transport. But most importantly, don’t be judgemental and rude about women’s appearances because a) they could hear you, but b) it’s just nasty and unnecessary.

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