Revealed: 5 Ways To Stay Happy In Your Relationship

Wanna keep things as rosy as they were at the start? Here's how...

Happy couple

Relationships aren’t always all fancy restaurants and trips away. In fact, sometimes staying content with your other half can be downright difficult. But what if there were a few surefire ways you could keep things peachy keen?

Well according to one of the largest studies on sexual satisfaction in long-term relationships to date there are, and mostly they concern communication and staying satisfied in the bedroom.

Communication was found to strengthen trust, respect and honesty in the relationship, while couples who said they were sexually satisfied in their relationship were happier long-term.

The researchers at Chapman University, found that it was these five things in particular that led to a happy relationship.

1. Being praised by their partner for something they did in bed
2. Being asked by their partner for something they want
3. Asking for something they want from their partner
4. Teasing during the day over the phone or via email
5. Asking for feedback on how something felt.