Revealed: Here’s How Much Big Name Irish Bloggers Could Be Earning Per Instagram Post

Time to quit the day job?

Fashion blogger in blue

They’ve got a life most of us envy; wearing only the nicest clothes and attending the coolest parties and now, just to make us all even more jealous, it’s been revealed how much top bloggers can expect to earn from sponsored Instagram posts.

The first thing to note is that pay can vary widely from blogger to blogger.

An influencer marketing insider tells Mashable “This of course includes reach, strength of relationship with their followers and credibility.”

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Now for the juicy deets.

The insider reveals that “Influencers can earn anywhere from below €100 to 100 times this amount (€10,000) for content they create in collaboration with a brand.”

On a really big scale, mega influencers can earn millions solely by monetising their social media and buddying up with brands.

Take Kim Kardashian for example. Since her social media silence following the Paris robbery, it’s estimated that she’ll lose out on $1million a month by neglecting her accounts.

Whatever the price tag though, it’s clear that, just like every job, you have to work at it to make it big. Those picture perfect Insta shots don’t happen by accident


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