Revealed: The Best And Worst Positions For A Woman To Have An Orgasm

They're probably not what you're expecting.

Feamale orgasm

We’ve got good news: achieving an orgasm doesn’t require a bulky book of Karma Sutra sitting by the bedside or some tricky position that you can’t for the life of yourself managed to bend into.

No, according to a new study, when it comes to the female orgasm the classic positions are the best.

The research by Mayo Clinic and the Indiana University School Of Medicine, found that a woman’s ability to achieve orgasm is all down to “the migration of the clitoris” during sex, meaning the closer it gets towards the vaginal wall, the more likely you are to, er, reach your destination.

That means that frontal positions like missionary and cowgirl have a better success rate, while rear-entry positions like doggy style aren’t as effective.

“If a woman is trying to achieve a vaginal orgasm, it seems like it tends to be more successful if the front wall of the vagina is more stimulated,” explained one of the study’s authors Dr Siegel to the Daily Mail. He concludes that the best angle for vaginal entry is between 30 to 45 degrees.

The more you know, eh?


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