Revealed: These Three Things Officially Make You A Proper Adult

Nope, making your bed in the morning and always having milk in the fridge aren't included. Do you meet the criteria?

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There isn’s a week that goes by where we don’t use the phrase โ€œI can’t even adultโ€. Between ordering takeaway for the third time that week, to re-wearing a pair of tights because you forgot to put them in the wash (again!), sometimes being a grown up is hella hard.

But when exactly do you become a proper adult? Is it when you finally learn to (as your mam would say) ‘pick up after yourself’, or is it when you stop ordering Dominos for dinner on a Tuesday night? According to Clark University Psychology Researcher Jeffrey Jensen Arnett these three things are the mark of being an actual, fully-fledged adult.

Taking responsibility for yourself

Sounds cryptic, but according to Jeffrey โ€œit generally means accepting the consequences of your actions without expecting anyone else, particularly your parents, to protect you from those consequences.โ€ That means if you hit the snooze button for an extra five minutes, then end up late for work cos you missed your bus, you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself, sista.

Making independent decisions

Always need to run an idea passed your bestie before you put it into action? The true mark of a grown up is being able to make a decision without needing a second opinion. So if you’re thinking of moving to a new city or going for a change in career, without the need of approval from your peers, Jeffrey says its a clear sign you know what you want in life and how to go about getting it.

Being financially independent

Not so good at keeping up with the bills? You might fall short of Jeffrey’s strict adult criteria then that says proper grown ups are able to fend for themselves financially. Yep, that means no cheeky loans from your parents and always being on time with the rent.

Our opinion? Adulting sounds hard. We’re opting out.


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