Rihanna Made Her TV Acting Debut Last Night And Not Everyone Was Impressed

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Poor celebrities. They just can’t catch a break, can they? Just ask Rihanna. Last night she made her TV acting debut in Bates Motel, and so far the response has been very, very mixed.

A spinoff of Hitchcock’s terrifying black and white thriller Psycho and now in its fifth season, the show’s plot has reached the pivotal point of the original film, where character Marion Crane, played by Rihanna, checks into the motel.

Despite the role being written with the Barbados-born popstar in mind, the response to her performance hasn’t been entirely positive. It seems that fans of the singer love her in the show, for no other reason than they like her as a performer. Meanwhile, fans of the show seem to think that she should stick to the day job…

So what do you think of the pop star’s debut? Thumbs up or not so much?

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