Rita Ora And Katy Perry Legit Wore ‘Not Becky’ Nametags To The Met Gala After Parties Last Night

They really want you to know that they're not 'Becky With The Good Hair' – and they've got the badges to prove it.

Rita Ora is not ‘Becky With The Good Hair’ and she really wants you to know it, okay?

Not content with posting a selfie with Queen Bey herself to dispel those rumours that she’s Jay-Z’s other woman at last night’s Met Gala, she went a step further at one of the after parties and wore an actual ‘Not Becky’ badge.

Rita Ora Beyonce

Rocking up in a leather, lab-coat style outfit, Rita had the nametag emblazoned on its collar.

Rita Ora Not Becky

The thing we’re really confused about though is why Katy Perry is wearing one too. We mean, had anyone even marked her out as a potential Becky?

Showing up at another after-party, she was seen sporting an identical name badge to Rita, indicating that she isn’t Jay-Z’s side chick either.

Katy Perry Not Becky

And we have so many questions.

Like, were the nametags being handed out in the goody bags, or what? Did Queen Bey hand them out herself? Will we ever know the identity of “Becky With The Good Hair”?

Sigh. Bey, if this is just your way of trolling us, then you’re doing a good job.


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