Rita Ora Was Refused Entry To Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant For Wearing THIS Outfit

"This isn't happening."

Rita Ora was a guest on the Jonathan Ross Show at the weekend and she admitted that she was once turned away from a Gordon Ramsay restaurant – which was a *little bit* awkward because Gordon was sitting right next to her.

The famous chef was also a guest on the chat show, and looked surprised to hear what Rita had to say. “I was wanting to, I mean like everybody else that wants to go eat in a Ramsay restaurant and then, I just didn’t get in,” the singer revealed. “I went in. I obviously… I wasn’t dressed the part…

“I walked in and was like ‘Ooh I’d love a little, like, meal, you know?’ and they were just like, ‘No, this isn’t happening for you. I was just wearing a trackie. I’m a tomboy so I was wearing a trackie and trainers… and I think it was like a dress code or something.’”

When Gordon tried to find out which restaurant it was, she refused to tell him in case the staff got into trouble. How thoughtful!

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