Rob Who? Blac Chyna Flicks Her Rainbow Wig and Shares Pictures Of Baby Dream

How fab is the wig??

It’s fair to say that we were all collectively HORRIFIED by Rob Kardashian’s instagram tirade against ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna this week. Of course the turbulent relationship of the star’s of E!’s Rob and Chyna has kept us all entertained over the past year or two, but the ‘revenge porn’ and public humiliation of Blac Chyna by the father of her child was one step too far.

Many people have been affected by ‘revenge porn’ ever since the rise of social media, with a law even being instated in California to try to cut out this disgusting trend of online humiliation.

So all eyes were on Blac Chyna as we waited for a reaction or public retaliation from the reality star. Instead, we got snapchats of her debuting an amazeballs rainbow wig (slayyy) and pictures of her with her cutey of a daughter, Dream. And we have to say, we are LOVING this reaction.

Rob’s rant on instagram. which has now been deleted, accused Chyna of being a bad mother and taking drugs while her daughter was in the house. The 29-year-old however, seems to have paid absolutely no mind to Rob’s words and has continued on as normal with her gorgeous baby.

Big ups to Blac Chyna for having a mature reaction to the terrible week she must have had.