Roz Purcell Is Being Open About Her Alopecia Experience

Fair play to her.

Roz Purcell continues to be open about her alopecia journey on social media – and that’s so important.

Since discovering her first bald spot, Roz has been eager to share her own experiences with the condition, in the hopes of informing others who may be going through something similar.

In a recent Instagram Q&A session, Roz gave her followers a chance to ask any questions they had in regard to alopecia.

To start off, she gave a run-down of her background and when she first noticed something was up.

“First case I noticed was in around 201/2019. All my eyelashes fell out on one eye and didn’t grow back for about a year.

“Medically, I haven’t found a cause but my patches do seem to follow stressful times eg if I have bad news or something big is happening and I’m really upset or stressed about 6-8 weeks later I find a bald patch.

“Which is pretty annoying cause I’m the biggest stress head, about everything,” she added.

Roz then opened up about her experiences of treating her bald patches and leaving them alone to do their own thing.

When it came to leaving the patches alone, she shared that her hair did grow back but it only started sprouting new hair about six months after which was white, before eventually turning brown.

After receiving injections into the scalp, however, Roz noticed that her hair began growing back more quickly – in about four weeks – and this time it turned brown straight away.

“The reason I started injections was my alopecia was getting worse and instead of maybe one patch at a time I could have two and it was making me quite upset,” she shared.

“Getting treatment made me feel more in control of a situation that was out of my hands.”

For those suffering from hair loss and who may be considering getting injections, Roz recommends going to your GP and asking for a referral to go a dermatologist who specialises in hair loss.