Roz Purcell Shares Body Positive Reminder During Lockdown

"You’re enough now and you still will be once this is over, even if you had all the snacks."

Given that at the moment we’re all spending a lot of time at home, you’re probably snacking a little more than usual.

The gyms are closed and your daily exercise has probably become walking to the fridge and back. The closest thing to a marathon for any of us right now is of the Netflix variety.

Roz Purcell, one of our favourite body positive influencers has shared an important message in how we view our bodies at this time.

Posting a gorgeous un-filtered picture of herself Roz shared; “Just incase you’re starting to think negatively about your body right now. Reminder that you’re enough now and you still will be once this is over, even if you had all the snacks.”

We are in unprecedented times right now, and it can seem as though everyone else on Instagram are living their best, most-healthy lives right now. This can leave you feeling bad about yourself if you’re not waking up doing 30 minutes of yoga each morning before a breakfast smoothie.


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Another week down. There’s a few things I have done over the last few weeks to ease the anxiety and try stay positive in this strange situation. I’m going to share and yea it might not be for you but I’m sleeping again & much more able to manage everything I’m consuming so hopefully it may lend some help to you. I know I probably come across as extremely positive on here. I do still have my down moment where the scale of what’s going on is overwhelming and no matter how much I distract myself the panic sets in. The fear of not knowing what’s ahead, panicking about things out of my control but I Dont think you’d be human without some level of that right now. I hope these help you: (ps- swipe live schedule; really love all the lives helps me to not feel so isolated🙌🏻) 👉🏻First off I deleted my news apps. I deleted whatever was giving me constant flooding news directly to my hand. I get my news twice a day from a reliable source to keep informed rather than all day long. {Not first thing in the morning or last thing at night} This really helped stop the constant panic. 👉🏻Focusing on what I could control- staying in, staying well (not doing anything stupid🧐) , taking recommended precautions to protect myself and family. I take a lot of warmth knowing we are in control of this and can help the front liners by doing such a simple task. Remember you’re not stuck at home you’re safe at home. 👉🏻I created a routine similar to my normal day structured around meal times and doing some form of movement at home ( first two weeks I think I just snacked all day and everything bleed into eachother🤣). 👉🏻I changed my news feed on here following some positive news sites to get a hit of daily good stories to balance out the sad. (tagged below👇🏻) 👉🏻I tune listened to @gerry_hussey over on @soulspace_the_experience for night time meditations and wise words- honestly helps so much right now. I obviously bake a shit tone as well so that’s quiet therapeutic 🤣 bar the clean up- am I the only one coming out of this with a messy gaff? Pages to follow @coronavirusgoodnews @goodnews_movement @tanksgoodnews @upworthy @coronavirusvolunteersdublin

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We have never lived through anything like this before, so Roz advises that we are kind to ourselves instead; “Right now during this pandemic is the perfect time to be kind to yourself, give yourself time to adjust, don’t add pain & stress by being a dick to yourself.”

“I know things are strange , a lot of us depend on a normal routine and distractions to feel good. Maybe you’re sleeping in, living off comforting foods, lacking motivation to move.”

She finished with the best of all; “Our body’s are unreal and if the worst thing that comes out of this is we need to buy some bigger pants well wahoooo what a result!”

Brb, we’re off to buy some bigger pants.


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