Roz Purcell Shares Dream To Open An Animal Sanctuary In The Future

This just sounds amazing.


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Roz Purcell has revealed she’d love to open an animal sanctuary in the future.

The Tipperary native has rescued two adorable dogs Wilko and Myla, and hopes to one day have a safe space for many others.

“My goal in 25 years is to live in an eco cabin in the woods and have enough land around me that I can just rescue animals and have an animal sanctuary,” she said.

“[I’d] make loads of cute videos of them living their best lives.”


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A post shared by R O Z (@rozannapurcell)

Roz adopted Wilko from the DSPCA in 2016 and Myla from Milo’s Mission Rescue in 2020.

At the time she revealed giving these dogs a loving home is “the best thing you’ll ever do”, and urged others to adopt too.

“When you adopt, they’re great at getting to know you and matching you with a dog that would suit your lifestyle,” she explained.

“There’s so many amazing rescues out there. The people who run them are actual saints. It’s not an easy job but one worth doing.”


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