Roz Purcell Talks About Becoming So ‘Desensitised’ To Rude Comments And Keyboard Warriors

The Hike Life creator was reminding people to 'be kind' when talking about others.


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Roz Purcell has opened up about a time her parents had to step in after they overheard upsetting and untrue comments about their daughter while in a café.

Speaking on her Instagram Stories, Roz said that at the time she remembers being on the cover of a magazine which she believes lead to a group of girls starting to talk about her while out in public.

“They began to absolutely tear me to pieces, like really badly” explains Roz.

Continuing, she added that they weren’t just making remarks on how she looked, but saying things surrounding how they perceived her to be, calling her “stuck up”.

Explaining how bad it was, Roz confessed that her parents couldn’t take it anymore and politely intervened to tell the girls that it was their daughter they were talking about.

Noting that the ladies in question were mortified, Roz added that she wanted to share this story just as a reminder that it doesn’t cost anything to be nice.

“Unfortunately, this happens loads, my friends would be like oh my god, obviously so and so doesn’t know we’re best friends and they just started saying this and ‘I’m like I don’t even know that person,'” continued Roz.

Revealing that over the years she has become ‘desensitised’ to the horrible things that are said about her, Roz noted that it still doesn’t make it OK to start making assumptions about people, especially when out in public because you never know who could overhear you.

With Love Island returning to our screens in the next week and ITV making a large effort to remind people to be careful with what they say, reiterating the mantra of “Be Kind” while sharing information about the new Islanders, it’s important that we try to incorporate that into every aspect of our lives, especially when it involves someone else, be it on screen or not.

Adding that this incident happened “pre-covid”, it’s clear that it isn’t one that Roz has forgotten easily and so, a reminder to all of us to think before we speak.