RTE’s Fungie Documentary Had The Nation Bawling This Week

Have you watched it yet?

Fungie’s disappearance is up there with some of the worst things that happened in 2020, and that list is long.

For anyone slightly confused, Fungie is a wild dolphin that lived off the coast of Dingle in Co Kerry, and is also a national mascot. Tourists from all over Ireland and beyond flock to see the famous dolphin in his natural habitat on boat trips off the Kerry coast.

The nation has long been very fond of the friendly and cheeky, Fungie so naturally everyone was devastated when he went missing earlier this year.


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At first, many thought it was just because there were no tourists heading out to see him but now, months later, it seems he is not coming back!

Baz Ashmawy for RTE, made a documentary about his mysterious disappearance called Fungie’s Kingdom, which aired this week and had the nation in bits.

After 37 years creating tourism for the Kerry peninsula, the town of Dingle are saddened at the loss of their county mascot. Baz spoke to numerous people about his loss and they all had their own stories to tell.

If you were on social media the night it aired you would have seen Twitter lit up as the nation mourned for poor old Fungie.

Only in Ireland could we all be sobbing over a national dolphin, but TBH we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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