Saved By The Bell’s Zack Morris And Jessie Spano Dated In Real Life And We’re DELIGHTED

Did you ship these two?

Did you think Zack and Kelly were the couple of the century? Well you’re incorrect, because Zack only had eyes for Jessie.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played Zack Morris in the 90s classic Saved by the Bell, has revealed that he once dated his co-star Elizabeth Berkley (who portrayed Jessie Spano).

The reveal came out during Mark-Paul’s appearance on Anna Faris’ Unqualified podcast. The topic of dating came up and he discussed how drastically different his high school dating life was from people who aren’t on a TV set every day.

“When you’re working on a set, and we were young, there’s no one around really,” he explained. “I mean, you work and live in a bubble.”

Mark-Paul was on the hit TV show from age 12 to 19, before joining the College Years spin-off.

“You’re in LA, right. You’re in your cars and you come to set and you do your work and you’re with these beautiful women and then you go back in your car … and you’re not going to school, so you don’t have a lot of choices,” he said, noting that he really didn’t go out much, and his mam drove him to work every day.

After the series ended, so did their teen relationship and they moved on with their lives. Despite this, we’re still glad it happened. Also, Mark-Paul and Mario Lopez are still besties, and we find comfort in that.


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