Say, What? Liam Says Cheryl Tried To Dump Him Over The Phone But He Begged Her Not To

It all could have been so different.

Cheryl Cole And Liam Payne

Liam and Cheryl are one of 2017’s celebrity power couples. They’re in a self-proclaimed ‘love bubble’ and are raising two-month-old baby Bear together.

However, there was a time when Cheryl wasn’t so sure their relationship would work out, and she tried to end things with the One Direction singer over the phone. Talk about harsh…

Speaking about his upcoming debut solo album, Liam told the Sun, “There’s one song that is basically a phone call that happened between me and her when she was about to let it go.

“This is a long time ago,” he continued, “And it’s basically me trying to cling on and say, ‘No, no, no, it’s all going to work out, don’t worry about it, give it time.’”

How romantic is that? We bet Cheryl is delighted he decided to Fight For This Love.

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