Science Says This Is The Best Way To Cure Your Hangover

It's the morning after St Patrick's and you're stuck in work. Take note.

Woman hungover in work

Hand’s up, who’s hungover? By some cruel twist of fate St Patrick’s day fell on a Thursday this year meaning that we’re all stuck in work on a Friday nursing a major hangover and, y’know, generally cursing the day we were born.

But before you reach for your second latte of the day and nip out to Centra for a chicken fillet roll, science knows a much more effective cure.

All you gotta do? Just grab a banana, says research from the George Mason University.

The study explains “alcohol makes you pee a lot, and that means that not only do you get dehydrated, you drain a lot of important nutrients, chief among them potassium.

“In addition to the liquid expelled during frequent urination, certain salts and potassium required for proper nerve and muscle function are also lost.

“Alcohol turns the body’s supply of glycogen into glucose and sends it out of the body in the urine. Lack of this energy source is a key part in the feeling of weakness, fatigue, and lack of coordination the next morning,”

Okay, so personally speaking, we reckon it’s going to take more than a little yellow fruit to show this raging hangover who’s boss, so if you’re still dying we say follow our hangover-busting tips here.

Now roll on five bells so we can get home to our beds.


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