Scotland Becomes First In The World To Add LGBTQ+ History To Curriculum

Students will be educated on LGBTQ+ history and the importance of equality.

As we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community as part of Pride month this June, Scotland has announced some major news. From 2021, Scottish schools will become the first in the world to offer LGBTQ+ history as mandatory lessons on the curriculum.

Teaching subjects in school surrounding identity and equality, Scotland is leading the way in educating the younger generation on the LGBTQ+ community and why it’s important to support them as a minority group.


Speaking to the Edinburgh Live, Deputy First Minister and Education Secretary John Swinney said:

“Scotland is already considered one of the most progressive countries in Europe for LGBTI [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex] equality.

“I am delighted to announce we will be the first country in the world to have LGBTI inclusive education embedded within the curriculum.”

It hopes that these lessons will help give children and young people a wider understanding of the world and people around them. Educating them on homophobia, transphobia and biphobia, among under topics. These lessons will be crucial in teaching children respect for others and hopefully, reduce the levels of hate crime in Scotland.