Scotland Is Piloting A-Four Day Work Week

Here's what that means for Ireland

The pandemic has changed the way we do.. well everything, from how we socialise to the way that we work, no stone has been left unturned, and for one country, that is set to remain so.

We all know and love the feeling of a bank holiday weekend, having the carefree feeling of three whole days off week stretched out ahead of you is a joy like no other, and what is that was the case every weekend?

Looking at ways they can implement that permanently, the Scottish government is investing £10million to help companies trial a four-day workweek. The hope is that employees will be able to work a four-day week to enhance their wellbeing, while their pay will remain the same.

Speaking about their decision and what made them land on it, a spokesperson for the government said:

“The pandemic has served to intensify interest in and support for more flexible working practices, which could include a shift to a four-day working week,” adding that “reductions in the working week might help sustain more and better jobs, and enhance wellbeing”

In the very early stages of testing it out, they say that the pilot will give them a “better understanding of the implications of a broader shift to a shorter working week across the economy.”

Of course, Scots were only delighted with the news, with think tank IPPR Scotland sharing their research showing that 80% of people believe that a four-day working week would benefit the public.

As for us here in Ireland, a six-month experiment by the Four Day Work Week Ireland group is set to begin in January 2022. The aim of the pilot is to discover if working one day less a week can provide a better work/life balance to employees, while not affecting productivity.

Employers interested in taking part can contact Four Day Work Week Ireland for more.