Scott Disick Is Very, Er, Hands On With Bella Thorne In These Pics And People Are Super Grossed Out

"Excuse me while I f*cking vomit."

Scott Disick has been very touchy-feely with his new girlfriend Bella Thorne while holidaying in Cannes and people are more than a little grossed out by it.

It seems that fans’ are concerned with the 15-year age gap between the pair, as the 19-year-old actress is more than a decade younger than almost-34-year-old Scott (who’ll celebrate his birthday tomorrow.)

PDAs are *too much* at the best of times, but the age gap is making people feel extra uncomfortable, with one fan saying, “How tf is Bella dating Scott Disick? Isn’t she like 19 and he’s 33? That’s like dad and daughter type shit. That’s nasty.”

Scott has been pictured kissing his new S/O, squeezing her bum and even groping her boobs while lounging about in the sun.

Sure there might be a bit of an age gap, but as long as they’re both happy, right? What do you think of Scott and Bella’s PDAs?

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