Selena Gomez Brought Jessica Simpson’s Daughter To An Olivia Rodrigo Concert While Babysitting

Selena is the coolest babysitter!


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We didn’t expect this crossover but we kinda love it!

Jessica Simpson has revealed that Selena Gomez brought her daughter to her first concert, which happened to be the one and only Olivia Rodrigo.

We love the fact that one former Disney star turned singer has brought a new generation to see a now Disney star turned singer! The nostalgia, the full circle moment and tbh we’d love to go to an Olivia Rodrigo concert with Selena Gomez.


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The occasion came about when Jessica’s daughter befriended a very good friend of one of Selena’s little sisters, (Selena has a nine-year-old sister on her mom’s side and a eight-year-old sister on her dad’s side), and while Selena was on babysitting duty she brought her sister and her pals to see Olivia Rodrigo’s LA concert.

“She met a really good friend of Selena’s little sister, so Max got to go to her first concert,” Jessica explained Instagram Live with Suneel Gupta.

“I always thought it was going to be me as her first concert…But she’s 10 years old. She got to see a live show,” she said.


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Although she was slightly disappointed that Max’s first concert wasn’t her own one the singer thanked Selena and Olivia for the incredible experience her daughter had.

Jessica’s daughter Max seems to have the coolest friends in town as not only is she now friendly with Selena’s sis, she was also at North West and Penelope Disick’s birthday parties recently.

Jessica posted a picture from Penelope’s birthday online writing, “Thank you @KourtneyKardash for always showing Maz some slumber fun!”


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