Selena Gomez Celebrates Her Single Life With New Song ‘Single Soon’

We’ve got it on repeat!


It’s finally here guys and gals!

Selena Gomez dropped her brand new track, Single Soon today Friday August 25 and well it’s clear her fans couldn’t be more excited for this all new era of Sel.

The singer sent her fans into a frenzy on Thursday night when she posted a video for the song with her sporting a shimmering pink mini dress dancing the night away with her pals celebrating her life as a single woman.

This is Selena’s first solo song in three years but has appeared in a collaborative role on a number of other songs including the global megabit Calm Down (Remix) with Nigerian superstar Rema.

So is it any wonder her fans were going feral over the new release.

Many fans took to Twitter to relish seeing the popstar happy and carefree after a number of personal struggles in the last few years.

One fan wrote: “Selena Gomez just came back with a f*****g bop AND she looks so amazing. I’m obsessed.”

Another commented: “Amazingly gorgeous Selena has done it again! @selenagomez yes! I love it beautiful! May God continue to bless you me love! You have so many attributes ur amazing!”

The song was firmly parked at number one on the Billboard charts ahead of its release. Firmly outranking the Dolly Parton rendition of Let It Be with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, which was positioned in third earlier in the day.

We can’t wait to see this pop princess dominate the charts with this epic release!