Selena Gomez Just Gave Us All Nostalgia And Returned To Waverly Place

Alex Russo has returned, and we've never been so happy!


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Selena Gomez is reminiscing about her Disney Channel days, with a visit to Waverly Place.

The location served as the inspiration for her hit series, Wizard of Waverly Place, and is where her character Alex and the the whole Russo family called home.

Stopping by the street corner in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, Selena stopped for a picture underneath a street sign which read: “‘Waverly Pl.”

As any good wizards fan will remember, the street sign shot was used for transitions in between scenes of Wizards of Waverly Place.


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Really wanting to hit us with the nostalgia, Sel captioned her post: “Where it all began.”

We’re not crying, you’re crying!

She also shared a TikTok story of her visit, with the show’s theme song, Everything is Not What It Seems which she sang, playing in the background.

We absolutely love this throwback… but everything is actually not as it seems!

While the show was set on Waverly Place in New York, it was actually filmed in Hollywood, so Selena didn’t spend much, if any, time in Waverly Place while on the show. But it’s still put a smile on our faces to see Alex Russo make a bit of a return.

But all this talk of Waverly Place has got us wondering… could a bigger return be on the horizon?

Well, it’s complicated. In 2020 David Henrie, who played Justin, said he is open to a return as are most of the cast. Telling E! News: “I think everyone wants to do it, the goodwill is there. I think it’s more a matter of timing.”

But he also said nothing was in the works and there were no plans for the future.

While the shows creator Todd J. Greenwald has expressed interest in adapting the show into a high-budget film franchise, or making a prequel series following dad Jerry’s time studying magic as a teen in Wiz Tec.

And just this year, Selena was asked by Extra if she would be interested in a revival. Saying: “Hands down, I would love that,”

But there are no concrete plans in place. However, the original still holds up, so maybe we stick with a re-watch for now!


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